Student admissions

Acacia Private School is famous for academic excellence. Our students are the best and brightest students in academic merit and passion. If that sounds like you, or your child, Acacia is the right Private School for you.


Everything you need to know about Acacia Private School will be found on this page or by contacting : info@acaciaschools.co.za

Student admissions

Acacia School’s admission policy is shaped around its intended outcome, being high school graduates who qualify for acceptance by leading Universities in the world and who are rooted in a value system that ensures sustainable success in the jungle of life – Christian ethos, hard work, ambition and excellency.

Entry into all levels is determined by past academic performance as reflected in the most recent school report from the previous school.  A personal interview with the Principal is a requirement for all High School admissions.

Our curriculum is rated the best in instilling innovative critical thinking, in providing a global perspective to life and in developing analytical skills as well as mastery of methodical skills.  Our non-denominational Christian ethos has a track record of producing world leaders and champions with high moral and ethical conduct, who passionately care about the environment and about other people.

We consider ourselves traditional in our values but contemporary in our methodologies.


You may contact us on the following email address  : info@acaciaschools.co.za


Tel     : +27-11 704 1113 / 1148 / 1073

Email : info@acaciaschools.co.za


- Primary School Address -

61 Blandford Road






- High School Address -

Cnr Blandford Road & Windsor Way



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