Do we have a boarding school?

No we do not, but you can contact the regional GDE offices or ISASA for a list of boarding schools.

Do you have to be a Christian to attend Knights?

No, we are a Christian school, but we are not affiliated to any one church in particular. Our families attend a range of different churches which all subscribe to the foundations of Christianity and love Jesus. Any child attending our school must agree to our Statement of Faith and participate in all activities related thereto.

Do you offer remedial classes for special education?

We offer Bridging classes from Grade 1-7. Click here for Bridging information.

What school terms do you follow?

We follow the Independent Schools’ Calendar which is 3 terms a year.

Are your teachers qualified?

All our teachers are registered with SACE (South African Council of Educators) which is required by law. This is an accreditation board that ensures the qualifications of teachers in the country are correct.

What grades do you offer?

Grade 0000 (2 years) through to Grade 7 as well as Bridging classes from Grade 0-7. Our Grade 7 students have automatic entrance into HeronBridge College and a bus service is provided between Knights and HeronBridge daily.

How do our academic standards compare to other schools?

We cover the same ISASA syllabus that all private schools offer and our ISASA Benchmark results are always above average. We have always been very proud of our students’ academic achievements. Our children are sought after for scholarships at various High Schools.

Do I have to stay in the area for my children to attend Knights?

Being a private school zoning does not apply to us so you may live anywhere – as long as you’re able to transport your child to and from school whenever necessary.

Do you offer transport services?

We offer a bus service between Bel Air Mall (Northriding), Douglasdale and Boskruin centres and Knights in the mornings and afternoons (no stops in between). We can also provide a list of reputable transport companies utilised by many of our parents.

How old is your school?

We were established in