My vision is to create a happy and safe environment for all our students. Consequently, our excellent academic staff can create an environment of teaching and learning that will result in our students being equipped to cope with the demands of the 21st century.

Through instilling CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS and embracing our core values, I believe that every student will be able to face their lives after school with confidence knowing that success is inevitable!




At Acacia Private School we believe that through faith a person is brought into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit establishes this grace relationship of love and forgiveness through God’s Word.

The influence of Christian worship and prayer is critical to our School and it extends throughout our operations. We don’t just talk about our Christian foundation; we act on it. We seek to treat each other with love and respect because we believe each person is God’s special creation.

As members of our Acacia community, students, staff and parents can expect to find themselves confronted by the message of the Christian Gospel in assemblies and in the daily life of the school community. We make no apology for this. We understand however that individuals respond to the Christian message in a variety of ways and we respect and encourage that right. We accept that individuals may not respond in traditional Christian ways. While we understand and accept that not all will share our Christian faith, we expect our students and their parents to support and show respect for our Christian beliefs and practices.

We believe that our parents or guardians have the prime responsibility for the education of their children and we encourage the involvement of parents and families in school life. We seek to work in respectful partnerships with parents rather than in competition.

The following framework of Christian values defines the spirit of Acacia Private Schools:


Behavioral Values

  • Humility-the spirit of selflessness

  • Integrity-the spirit of honour and justice

  • Honesty-the spirit of truth

  • Dignity-the spirit of respect and trust

  • Grace-the spirit of consideration and thankfulness

  • Loyalty-the spirit of commitment and courage

  • Compassion-the spirit of friendship

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