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Many malicious worms and Trojans spread across P2P file sharing networks, gaming and underground sites. A little over a week ago my computer began acting strange. The day before my computer began to act strange was a normal day. The computer was working fine and I don’t believe I even installed or downloaded anything that entire day. I read some people still had this issue after reinstalling Windows that’s why I’d prefer to fix it in the 1st place. When ComboFix has finished, it will automatically close the program and change your clock back to its original format.

  • Did the test with all Dimm slots, one memory module at a time to check if I had faulty DIMM slots.
  • Microsoft publishes Windows updates regularly to improve system stability and address numerous issues and mistakes related to startup errors.
  • Before posting anything, make sure you check out all sticky threads (e.g., this).
  • Malicious programs and infections by them cause Nvspcap64.dll with the rest of the system files to get corrupted.

It’s best to choose those dll files which language corresponds to the language of your program, if possible. We also recommend downloading the latest versions of dll files for an up-to-date functionality. There are multiple reasons that may cause nvspcap64.dll errors. These include Windows registry issues, malicious software, faulty applications, etc.

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If you do not have it, download the suitable version from here to your Desktop. The tool will make a log on the Desktop (Fixlog.txt). Please post the contents of that logfile with your next reply.

You dont need the first two, they are for updating the nvidia software, and i would disable them, or set to manual so they might start if you are using the nvidia control console. Go to the services.msc, and disable the services from nvidia you don’t need, like shadowplay or streaming functions and 3D. But the ones you don’t know about leave them be. You can also save smaller files, such as individual pictures, on your computer. To do this, right-click the image, link or file and select Save Image or Save Object As. Wait for the Updates to be checked and installed.

register nvspcap64 dll file manually in windows 7,8,8.1, windows 10,xp,vista”Method 03″

I’ve had my last two attempted flights end in this way, kernalbase.dll crashes. One was on final approach to RJTT in the PMDG 747 the other was just download nvspcap64_dll from after takeoff from KEWR in the NGX. I can’t remember ever having these before.

What error are you actually getting when you try to save? Maybe you can start by posting a screenshot. If you wan’t solution and support – message battleye as it’s their issue. Don’t delete opengl.dll its a system file. Deleting this file would cause you more problems. If that doesn’t work i would try to reinstall the game.

Because your output log lists several other and much older mods. And your error.log says mono.dll crashes while accessing the very beginning of the adress space, which usually means one of your mods is incompatible. Quite possible that your KSP installation is corrupt, mono.dll trying to read something which fails. Do a file verification via Steam, also verify the mods are good . Hi Doug, were you able to conclude the cause of this?

This application failed to start because nvshell.dll was not found. Re-installing the program may fix this problem. Ive used shadowplay many many times with no issues on this current windows.

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