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Acacia Schools is a young school with great ambitions. We aim to be part of the Ivy league of private schools in South Africa. Our aim is to produce matriculants with top academic and sporting achievements, moral and ethical integrity, with a spiritual grounding.

2020 has been a year of great strides highlighted by the many improvements at our beautiful campus which will continue to evolve in the coming years.


We chose to name our school after the most common tree in Southern Africa, the Acacia.

​RADICATI QUIA VICTORIA, Latin for ROOTED FOR SUCCESS, is our motto which is aptly portrayed by our emblem which visually demonstrates that a good, strong and deep set of roots anchors the Savanna Acacia to flourish in the desert droughts, to remain standing in the driving winds, to resurrect/renew itself from the chars of veld fires, to protect itself from the herbivores of the plains and to provide shelter/habitation to the savanna animals.

Our motto focuses on rooting each learner with the set of “roots” that will equip them to flourish in the unfriendly jungle of life and to serve the needs of humanity and the environment with excellency.


  • Christian Ethos/values – placing God at the center of one’s life

  • Inspiration – create and sustain a desire for nobility, success and service

  • Hard work –  inculcating the discipline of hard work

  • Excellency – cultivate excellency in all that one finds their hands to do

  • World’s best curriculum –  giving our learners the “unfair” advantage with the use of the World’s best curriculum


Our school offers Gr 000 to A-Level. Entry into all levels is determined by past academic performance, as reflected in the learner’s most recent school report, and the learner may be required to have an interview with the Principal.

You may contact us on the following email address: info@acaciaschools.co.za or by telephone on 011 704 1113/1148/1073. We would love to arrange a tour for you of our lovely campus.


Acacia school fees are relatively low to enable parents of all income levels to provide the best possible private Christian education for their children.

When completing the Application Form, please make sure that you complete the relevant sections in relation to the grade that you are applying for and the fee structure of your choice. Should you feel that you need help when completing this form, feel free to call our admission office to get more information and or clarity.

Please take note of our banking details and make certain to include your reference number for every payment made to Acacia Schools.


“Radicati quia Victoria”

Rooted for success


To be the place where learners are equipped to succeed in this life. Our learners are to be rooted in their faith to serve God and their fellow man.


Acacia believes in producing world-class learners, who are sought after by leading universities and employers.


At Acacia, we aim to establish an environment where every child feels safe and secure. It is a place where the staff work attentively in the classrooms and on the sports fields to see that each and every child reaches his/her full potential. At Acacia the holistic development of a child is paramount.

This holistic approach encompasses the spiritual, mental, physical, social, and emotional spheres of our learners. It is our desire to ensure that each and every child who enters our gates, leaves at the end of his/her school career with strong roots that are established through a strong relationship with God, hard work, the pursuit of excellence, nobility, and service.

These roots form a strong foundation which has been proven to yield successful careers and satisfied lives.


Our school first opened its doors in January 2018 with 18 learners. Since then we have experienced exponential growth despite the global challenges, such as COVID-19, that we have faced.

By the end of 2020, three sets of Acacia’s matriculants sat for their Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). We have achieved 100% pass rate, and 95% of our students have gone on to university, while the remaining 5% are doing Post Matric/A Level, as they wish to study at an overseas university.

The year 2020 saw the school reach several significant milestones:

    • Enrolment exceeded 100 learners and was projected to exceed 150 mid-year, had Covid-19 not happened.
    • The school hosted the October/November Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) at its campus for A Level, AS Level, IGCSE, and Checkpoint. These were hosted in our capacity as the Alternative Examination Centre to an associate school whose facilities could not meet the high standards of British Council and CIE. Acacia’s facilities were chosen because of the superior Science Laboratory; and its exam halls could easily accommodate the 70 candidates, who took these examinations, whilst adhering to Covid-19 health protocols.
    • It was also during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic that Acacia truly demonstrated her determination, flexibility, and endurance. When South Africa went into Level 5 lockdown, Acacia swiftly moved into holding all classes online. This was done to ensure that no academic days were lost and that no child was left behind. Indeed, our learners did not lose a single academic day and are all at the required academic level.
    • There was the beginning of our Preschool, our facilities were further improved, and the unique culture of our school was further established.
    • It was at the beginning of 2020 that our Parental Advisory Committee was established, and it has formed a particularly important aspect of our school’s culture ensuring parental involvement. The Parental Advisory Committee (PAC) meets with the management team frequently and together they set policies that will shape the culture of our school. Similarly, Acacia has an open-door policy which means that open communication between the teachers and the parents is encouraged and welcomed to ensure that our learners receive the best education possible. The relationship between Acacia’s staff and its parents was evident during our online lessons, as parents played a critical role in ensuring that learners were equipped and were indeed learning. This is an aspect, that we as a school, will continue nurturing.

The year 2020 was a year of exponential growth and fortitude. It proved that Acacia has what it takes to endure trying times and to successfully navigate them to ensure that our learners come out on top.


Acacia may be a young school, but she is a very ambitious school. We wish to grow qualitatively and quantitatively in the years to come.

This means that we are working diligently to increase our enrollment and within the next year we would like to be functioning at our full capacity of 500 learners.

We have already begun improvements to our infrastructure, and this is something we plan to continue developing, as a safe, secure, and contemporary environment that is ideal in today’s day and age.