At Acacia Schools, we aim to provide an environment where every child feels safe and secure. A place where our staff work attentively in their classrooms and on the sports fields to see that each and every child reaches his/her full potential. At Acacia schools the holistic development of a child is paramount.

Our holistic approach encompasses the spiritual, mental, physical, social, and emotional spheres of our learners. It is our desire to ensure that each and every child who enters our gates, leaves at the end of his/her school career with strong roots that are established through a strong relationship with God, hard work, the pursuit of excellence, nobility, and service.

These roots form a strong foundation which will ensure that they have successful careers and productive lives.


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At Acacia we aim to prepare our learners to compete in a global sphere of more than six billion people, where they will have to solve the pressing issues of the future, utilising creativity, and lateral thought.

In order to ensure that our learners will be able to succeed in such an environment, we have embraced an international curriculum that ensures that our learners will succeed.

This curriculum is organised into four categories according to the skills, knowledge, attitudes, values, and ethics that are required in the 21st century. These categories are:

  • Ways of Thinking: creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, and learning to learn (or metacognition)
  • Ways of Working: communication and teamwork
  • Tools for Working: general knowledge and information communication technology (ICT), literacy, and teaching and learning
  • Living in the World: citizenship, life, career, and personal and social responsibility


Acacia Schools seeks to promote a balanced and holistic lifestyle for all our learners. To achieve this, we have implemented a compulsory sport and cultural programme. Each learner is required to participate in at least one sport and one cultural activity per term.

Sport and culture complement the academic programme and assist in the learning of important life skills, such as: teamwork, dealing with defeat and success, sportsmanship, among many others.

The school offers the following sports: soccer, cricket, rugby, basketball, netball, tennis, and swimming.



Similarly, we understand how important culture is in the growth of a successful child. Learners can be involved in activities such as art, music, singing, chess, public speaking, debating, Olympiads, dance, drama, pottery, robotics, and outreach programmes, such as 67 minutes for Mandela.



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